Ozute aims to serve you the latest news from business, technology, education, world news and much more.  Based out of Henderson, Nevada, we have a workforce of seven, highly experienced and very talented writers from different parts of the world, who writing for you and are individually, experts in their chosen fields. In fact, two of our main writers, Lesley DiCiacca and Bill Bailey have both written an successfully published their own novels.

We at Ozute always strive to write impartially. We have no political agenda and will never write articles based on either left or right wing views.

Whereas most of our news stories stem from local events within the US, we do not limit our research geographically and a great deal of articles are derived from events which happen world-wide.

Since it’s early inception, Ozute news has steadily increased it’s staff from the two original founders to seven, highly motivated and dedicated writers, some of whom were field reporters before writing for us.

We hope that you enjoy reading the news as we break it to you and welcome any suggestions which would improve your experience here.

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