Please find below a list of the main writers for Ozute. You can contact any of them by using their first name and then

Steve Johnston
Steve is a highly experienced writer and hands on reporter, enjoying many years as a successful photographer before becoming a specialist writer in both fields of education and the arts.

Anna Benson
Anna is both an experienced journalist and a Mother of a newborn son. She enjoys reading and writing, the arts and photography. Anna has become very well known within the fashion industry due to her time spent reporting for the Daily Telegraph.

Mark Hood
Mark enjoys playing in the stock markets both at home and abroad and in his free time when he is not writing for one of the major newspapers, he writes for Ozute.

Lesley DiCiacca
Lesley is our senior author and has been with Ozute since the beginning. Having studied business at university, she graduated with first class honours. Lesley uses her vast knowledge to research the business sector.

Norman Jacobs
Norman is a fan of most sports and is an absolute fitness fanatic. Always interested in researching the latest health and fitness trends and techniques, he is fast becoming known for writing highly topical although sometimes controversial sports articles.

Scott McAlistair
Scotty loves to review the latest gadgets and has a great job which alllows him to test them out. A full on Scotsman from Edinburgh, Scott also loves music and is a part time DJ.

Bill Bailey

Bill loves nothing better than to get hot news on the press before it’s even happened. Bill has a real passion for politics and is a gifted pianist. His main hobbies are art and taking part in quiz shows. Politics and Current affairs are always on Bill’s agenda.